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A Jewell in the Gem State

Saturday, Aug. 27, Egyptian Theatre


Though Idaho native Eilen Jewell shares a name--and wispy blonde hair--with the '90s singer-songwriter, that's where the similarities end. Jewell blends Americana, country and jazz into sultry ditties that would be at home booming from a jukebox in honky tonk or crooned from atop a grand piano in a speakeasy.

NPR called Jewell's voice "sweet and clear ... with a killer instinct lurking beneath the shiny surface." Her latest album, Queen of the Minor Key, features upbeat numbers, like the horn-filled "Warning Signs," alongside slow jawdroppers like the ballad, "Over Again." With a twinge of nostalgic remorse and a dash of head-held-high pride, Jewell sings: "You carved my initials on your truck / Big bold letters on the grill / I think you said it proved your love / I wonder if they're legible still."

Jewell returns to the Gem State on Saturday, Aug. 27, with two performances.

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