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A Hawk and a Hacksaw Comes to Boise

Thursday, June 6 at Neurolux


Old World ballads are brought to life in A Hawk and A Hacksaw, the folk project led by violinist Heather Trost and accordion player Jeremy Barnes, currently the drummer for Neutral Milk Hotel. Though based in arid Albuquerque, N.M., the pair's instrumental sound combines American folk-pop elements with the Eastern European folk tradition.

The duo features muffled horns and grumbling bass percussion on quiet, pensive tracks, then transitions to bright accordion with frenetic violin on others. It's a style Trost and Barnes honed over the past decade while traveling Europe and recording with Zach Condon of Beirut.

The pair's 2013 album, You Have Already Gone to the Other World, is inspired by an early Soviet film, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.