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A Gun That Shoots Knives tonight at VAC


Sometime around 2005, four guys with a knack for making music were sucked up into an alien spacecraft, locked aboard for a thousand years and subjected to a cocktail of concentrated liquid television, a grab bag of instruments, glitter and a healthy dose of Pop Rocks.

When the craft landed on Earth once more, out stepped A Gun That Shoots Knives.

The foursome is a nearly indescribable band of costumed clowns, pumping out insanely catchy songs about everything from Star Wars to sushi to a power ballad titled the "Land of Chocolate Donut," a song that reflects their bizarre songwriting skill of matching bizarre subject matter to a hairy-chested stage presence: "There's a donut shaped like me / and there's a donut shaped like you / and we'll dance and play with our donut twins until we don't know who is who."

Sharing the night with AGTSK will be Boise's own Angels of the Dust, which is made up of "Dean, Scheen, Bean and Keen," a group of guys with a more subdued, ethereal sound. Dabbling in Rumi and psychedelics, the band self-effacingly proclaims, "We don't meet your criteria."

Seattle band VALU-PAK opts for Microsoft Paint portraits over glossy cover shots, and their music is similarly lacking in pomposity. Rather, the duo opts for a structured approach to singable, Cake-esque rock tracks.

The chocolate on this veritable sundae of entertainment is the rag-tag crew of carnies, beauties, gypsies and bearded women that is the Red Light Variety Show. The group of performers banded together to blend their Vaudevillian styles with belly dancing, pole acrobatics, hula hooping and old school burlesque.

Tonight, 8 p.m., $5, VAC, 3638 Osage St., Garden City,