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A Fast One


For this week's sans-Bingo-Lingo, we asked for your submissions. None came. So, we were left with no choice but to create our own drama. Our editor, who has been cavorting the cosmic sands of Burning Man for over a week, has found the time to e-mail his regards (i.e., "What's the scoop?") about once every two or three days. As much as we appreciated the concern, we resented the crap out of how his e-mails reminded us of where he was, versus where we are. So we decided to punish him.

According to our most recent e-mail to Bingo (Due to the two-foot-long dreadlocks he is currently sporting, he has also been known to go by the names of Predator, Pred-editor, Pred-head, Dreadator or Managing Dreadator-at-Large), News Editor Nicholas Collias was recently arrested for fighting at the Neurolux--or more specifically, for defending his dear Dreadator's honor against a slight made on the infamous Neurolux Message Board. Our crack photo-doctoring team even made up a grotesque mugshot to commemorate the bloody brawl. If Dreadator feels bad about this made-up incident, he will have visited the Ada County Sheriffs arrest page and seen that Collias is not there (at least not for fighting). If not, well, Dreadator might just come into town ripe for the picking. If you get to him first, be our guest--but you didn't hear it from us. Now if we could just get Collias to take the makeup off.

--Insurgent Staff