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A Dreamy Message From the Far East


I know I'm not the only person in Boise who misses the ocean. When in Bintan, Indonesia this weekend, I swam in the South China Sea as often as possible to capture its smell, taste and warmth. Dreamy! Since last week, I have been pampering myself in preparation for my return home. Upon the advice of my acupuncturist in Boise, I tried reflexology. Dreamy! Not one to hold back, I went on to visit the Global Ayurvedic Center for medical counseling and massage and another place in Indonesia for a coconut scrub and a Javanese massage. My lovely hosts Horacio and Guido also arranged for me to have my "last supper," which, you may recall from our BW Food Issue, is shark fin soup and chili crab. Dreamy! Finally, since I have been missing the Martini Mix-Off, I have been there in spirit by imbibing lycee martinis daily. Dreamy! Fortunately, I'll be back for the remainder of May to enjoy the finest martinis in Boise.

My adventure has come to a close. I am on my way to Tokyo for a short stop and then will be heading home. Perhaps it has all been a dream.