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A Dip to Cool your Heels

Quinn's Pond


You know it's hot when the soles of your feet begin to sweat. Beads of perspiration form on your hariline, dripping down the back of your neck. Dunking you head in the city fountain didn't do the trick, and the chlorine and God knows what else has turned your hair green.

The only thing that will satisfy your craving for cool is a dip. We're not talking about a lazy float down a teetotaled river, our speakeasy nalgene bottles filled with hooch. Nosiree.

We're talking about full immersion-feet no-touchee the bottom, water over the head immersion.

A concrete bottom pool just won't do. Oh my, you don't want to have to spend more than 20 minutes driving up into the mountains to find your salvation. You've got to have it now!

We'll tell you of a not-so-secret little dip. Recently, the city named the the Bernadine Quinn Riverside Park with the 22-acre Quinn's pond. It is also known by some as the Clocktower pond. A new pier on the north side of the pond provides easy access in and out of the water.

A little warmer than the river, a dusk dip and swim is the perfect end to a long day.

We're always on the lookout for other swimming holes, or places on the river or lake to cliff jump. Drop us a line at and share your favorites with us.