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A Day for the Foodie

The scrumptious but not presumptuous Highway 75 Culinary Corridor


From Bellevue to Stanley, the kitchens of U.S. Highway 75 offer a feast for hungry tummies in the Wood River Valley. It is easy to work up an appetite with the miles of trails to explore and hours of entertainment to pursue during a summer's day visit to Sun Valley, and cooks here seek to satisfy.

Just how many meals can a person enjoy in one day anyway? Depends on one's appetite, it seems. For some stick-to-your-ribs bacon and eggs with bottomless coffee that will get you down the trail, try Jesse's Country Grill on Main Street in Bellevue. A slightly cheaper option, but still plenty rich for the long day ahead, is breakfast at the Big Belly Deli on Main Street in downtown Hailey. It has possibly the most-affordable breakfast in Blaine County--and one of the freshest.

If mountain biking or fishing or any other invigorating activity keeps you in the south valley for the morning, try lunch at CK's Real Food on its bountiful blooming patio--fresh, wholesome, affordable and made with love by one of the best chefs in the valley, Chris Kastner.

A surprise perhaps even for the seasoned Sun Valley visitor is dinner at Cristina's Restaurant in Ketchum. More renowned as a lunch and desert venue, the Ketchum classic is bringing its gourmet touch to dinner.

For those on the fly or just coming from tying them, try La Cabanita Mex for some horchata as you sort through the extensive menu of Mexican specialties. The unassuming locale by the Ketchum Post Office has a great deck and some of the best service in the valley.

If you are lucky enough to be in town for lunch on Friday, race local office workers to Rickshaw, serving a variety of delicious Asian street food that includes green curry, pad thai and dandan noodles. If someone in your party is not a fan of spicy food, one of the great Ketchum standbys is Johnny G's Subshack on Washington Avenue, directly across the street from Glow Cafe, which offers raw food for those seeking not only a smoothy, but something more substantial, perhaps a sandwich, ravioli, falafel, curry--all raw and artfully presented.

For those just passing through with a single day in Ketchum, there are street vendor tacos, a cabin with ice cream, and if you are there on Tuesday, you can eat straight off the grill at the farmers market.

But if you want a place for lunch with white tablecloths and more than one fork, there are plenty of those, too.

Boca and the Cornerstone Bar and Grill serve up excellent cocktails and appetizers if you are looking for more than one stop in your evening. For steamed pork dumplings and perhaps the only homemade ramen noodles in Idaho filled with ginger and mushrooms, try Dashi, two doors down from the Elephant's Perch.

Della Mano, Vintage and Globus all have their own flair and finely crafted food made by chefs with distinct tastes. But if you are looking for Idaho trout or lamb and a meal to please anyone from an octogenarian with a sophisticated wine palate to a toddler with a hankering for ice cream, try the Ketchum Grill.