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A Brilliant Bid


Local players gathered at the AmeriTel Inn for the President's Day Sectional Tournament and enjoyed a weekend of play at our favorite game. The winning team from Sunday's Swiss Teams competition was Kendra and Geoff Bridges, Doug Bullock and Katie Levihn. Their win was remarkable because Katie has fewer than 30 masterpoints played against players with thousands of points, but she played like a professional in this event. Today's hand is from their match against a group of experienced players from Sun Valley and Twin Falls, and Katie made the key bid with a jump to 3 clubs, showing a strong hand. Normally she would have length in this suit, so the defender on lead against the slam did not lead the club that seems a logical lead from his holding. This enabled Katie's partner Geoff Bridges to knock out the ace of hearts for a club discard and bring home the slam. At the other table, north-south reached the more normal contract of 3 notrump, so Katie's bid gave her team a slam swing and a win in this match.

In the other team event, reserved for players with under 300 masterpoints, the winners were Sidonia DiCostanzo, Margory Culver, Jeff Taggart and Al Gabiola. This event was successful largely because of the many hours committed by Art Crawford in recruiting players and forming teams. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the organizers for a smoothly run tournament.

We are looking forward to another Grand National Teams qualifier this weekend, and the Ontario Sectional Tournament the following weekend. That event is always worth attending for the friendly competition and for the endless array of baked goodies, deviled eggs, pickled asparagus and many other delightful snacks that the ladies of Ontario provide. We feel like enrolling in a fat farm after this tournament.