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A Bear of a Tale

We recently came across an astonishing story called "Hero Chihuahua Bites Off Grizzly's Nuts To Save Mistress!" in the Weekly World News from March 30, 2005. A 44-year old divorced art teacher from Boise named Denise Mistwhite was attacked and mauled by a 900-pound grizzly bear. If it were not for her six-pound chihuahua named Princess, who attacked the bear and bit his testicles off, she might not have made it.

A veteran forest ranger said, "In 22 years, I've never seen a single dog that small bring down a grizzly."

The article claims that the incident occured on September 30 in the remote Salmon River Mountains.

Seeing as how there is no record of a Denise Mistwhite ever having lived in Boise or taught at any local school, and that grizzly bears have not been seen in the Salmon River Mountains for over 70 years, we're not inclined to believe this tale. We do believe, however, that a chihuahua's bite could tear the nuts off a bear. Those are mean little bastards.