Boise Weekly's Editorial Code of Ethics 

It's good to have standards. And in an effort to be as transparent about our inner workings as possible, here's a short list of the standards to which we hold our editorial staff and freelance writers.

  • We will not belong to any political party or organization or display any political affiliation on our person, car or home.
  • We will not work for or provide service for any politician or candidate.
  • If we have a personal relationship with a story or source, we will remove ourselves from that story and will provide full disclosure of any connection to a source or story when necessary.
  • We will not accept free gifts of value. Anything of value will be donated or given away as prizes.
  • We will pay our own way on trips or at conferences.
  • We will pay for our own coffee or lunch, drink, etc. When we're out with a source, we can buy theirs, but not vice versa.
  • We will not claim to represent the paper if we're not working for the paper.
  • We will never use the paper's name to get into an event or to get free tickets.
  • We will not use free tickets unless reviewing or unless they've been negotiated in trade through advertising or sponsorship.
  • We will keep our word with sources, protecting their identities when necessary for their safety or personal welfare and honoring background and off-record comments.
  • When we're representing the paper, we'll act professionally and with integrity.
  • We will never accept payment from any source.
  • Regarding editorial participation in social media, we will be mindful that even though we may be using such tools for personal purposes, we are public figures and our actions in those venues reflect on Boise Weekly. Employees are expected to conduct themselves on social media sites with integrity, honesty and without political bias. Editorial staff members will not accept payment, trade or other bonuses to promote events through their personal social networking accounts.
  • We will always endeavor to accurately and honestly report the truth.
  • Plagiarism is a fireable offense.
  • We will act independently and be accountable for everything we report.
  • A wall exists between sales and editorial literally and metaphorically. An advertiser's decision to do business with Boise Weekly in no way influences editorial's decision to cover any event, issue or business, nor does it influence the manner in which it is covered.
  • Editorial copy will not be released to anyone, including a source, prior to publishing. Individual quotes and facts may be reviewed with sources on a regular basis, but never entire pieces or sections of pieces.