Boise's Coldest Beer 

Every year Boise Weekly sends forth an army of beer testers, thermometers in hand. Their mission: to test the temp of every tap beer in Ada County served at a locally owned bar or restaurant. For the last few years, Kuna has been on a serious winning streak. But this year the tiny town's reign came to an end. Who has the coldest suds in the City of Trees? A bar that's never won before. Read the results of the 12th annual Coldest Beer contest.


11th Annual Coldest Beer 2012: What's better than a brew when you hit the bowling alley? A beer that's award-winning cold, and that's just what you'll find at Players Pub and Grill.

Players Pub and Grill - LAURIE PEARMAN
  • Laurie Pearman
  • Players Pub and Grill

10th Annual Coldest Beer 2011: Proving the farm town likes to keep if ice-cold, Kuna came out on top—or at the bottom, if you will—yet again. Mexican restaurant El Gallo Giro took first place in year 10 of BW's annual coldest beer contest.

Ninth Annual Coldest Beer 2010: For the second year in a row, a Kuna bar took top honors. First place belonged to the Longhorn Lounge.

Eighth Annual Coldest Beer 2009: It was in 2009 that the Kuna reign began in the Coldest Beer competition, with 4 E's showing Boise bars just how cold cold beer should be.

Seventh Annual Coldest Beer 2008: The Crescent "No Lawyers" Bar and Grill has been a cool place to hang out for years—both literally and metaphorically. And this year, the bar took yet another cool leap past its competition by bottoming out the thermometer.

Sixth Annual Coldest Beer 2007: In the final year that BW allowed chain restaurants to be tested in the Coldest Beer competition, P.F. Chang's was as cold as it got on the Boise beer front.

Fifth Annual Coldest Beer 2006: This was the year Boise Weekly not-so-scientifically discovered the coldest beer in the world.