If you have lived in Boise longer than a couple of weeks and have traveled through, well, any part of town, you are painfully aware of the growth spurt our city has been experiencing. Hotels, condominiums and apartment complexes are popping up everywhere, and some areas are even seeing a combination of new temporary and permanent dwellings within a short distance from one another (ahem, downtown Boise, particularly right around Boise Weekly HQ).

Subdivisions and housing developments are also filling what were previously big brush-filled plots of land, especially out in West Boise.

Expansion can put a burden on the resources of a city, but can also be extremely good for a healthy one, like Boise.

What the amount of growth we're seeing seems to indicate, is that the population of our city is poised to explode, bringing in thousands of new people, who are, potentially, new pals. And what's one tried-and-true method of turning acquaintances into friends? The mixtape (though now they're usually on a thumbdrive). You put together a collection of songs that say something about who you are. The person you give it to learns a little about you and maybe discovers something he or she likes, too. Our annual Best of Boise issue is a lot like a mixtape made by Boise Weekly readers: It's full of the people, places and things that make the City of Trees such a kickass place to live.

So, if you meet someone new you'd like to be pals with but don't want to make an actual mixtape, just give them a copy of the 2017 Best of Boise issue. It will say a lot about you.