Here it is, what you've all been waiting for: The results of the 2011 Best of Boise survey.

We know you've been anxiously passing the time since the Staff Picks edition hit the stands Sept. 21, and now your patience has finally paid off. Here you'll find all the hard-fought victories and long-awaited triumphs as voted on by you, our loyal readers and connoisseurs of all things Boise. After weeks of online voting, your voices have been heard loud and clear and in record numbers. More than 3,100 of you cast your ballots in this year's survey, honoring the best locals and locally owned businesses that make Boise special. You'll notice special awards for those winners who have hit the consecutive five- or 10-year mark. A few have won more than 10 years in a row, and even more land between five and 10 years, but we only dole out awards in increments of five.

We saw many outright campaigns for votes and, unfortunately, a few cases of ballot stuffing. Thanks to those of you who followed the rules and took the time to give us your thoughtful answers. Those who tried to pull one over on us, well, it didn't work. Again.

Through the course of tabulating the votes, we came across numerous questions or observations within the ballots. Since we couldn't respond to each of you personally, here's a batch of answers:

• Yes, we would like to know. That's why we asked.

• If you don't eat meat, go ahead and skip the meat-oriented questions. We're happy you're proud of your vegetarian/vegan status, but some of us are proud omnivores.

• If your answer to every question is "my dick," you are one.

• "Get real" is not an answer.

• If you think tattoos are just for bikers and low lifes, you're really reading the wrong paper.

• Live theater companies and concert venues are not the same thing.

• This is how you spell Shakespeare, Trey McIntyre, Bardenay and McU.

• No, this is not a joke.

• We agree, all bars should be gay friendly.

• We don't want to know where your friends had sex.

• No, sadly, we can't make the voices stop.

We hope that clears things up for some of you. Now, go forth and digest Best of Boise.