No, you're not experiencing deja vu, this really is the second issue of Best of Boise 2010 in two weeks. But this time around, it was your turn to decide what's cool.

Last week's Staff Picks edition was our little tempting teaser to the Big Daddy BoB: Readers' Choice. We're have no delusions here. We know that you were just biding your time with us last week, waiting for what you really wanted: your picks. We're fine, just go off with your popularity contest winners.

And that's really what the Readers' Choice edition is, proven by the fact that more than 1,300 of you logged on to to vote for your very favorite things about the Boise area--and in some cases, what you don't like by voting for "anything but" or outright bagging on the city.

During the five weeks of voting, we saw a whole lot of campaigns for votes (some successful, some not so much), and we even saw some blatant ballot stuffing. To those of you who played by the rules: thank you. To those who tried to beat the system: We know who you are, we don't appreciate it, and we caught it.

What you'll find here are results as selected by those who followed the rules--not only when it came to casting ballots, but also when voting for local-only businesses.

Like prom kings and queens, these businesses and individuals have earned your adoration. Now, it's time for their spotlight dance. We'll be in the corner spiking the punch.