In our office, we lovingly call the Best of Boise issue the Beast of Boise. Every year the page count gets bigger, and every year we refine the voting process in an attempt to eliminate ballot-stuffing opportunities. This year's new online process was not flawless, but it was, in our humble opinion, the best system we have developed yet. Sure, it took a long time to fill out the ballot, but your time was well spent because the end result is an accurate, fair and honest account of the best things Boise has to offer.

This year we received nearly 1,000 online ballots and almost 500 printed ballots. Unfortunately, because some of you didn't follow directions (i.e. filling out at least 50 percent of the printed ballot-tsk-tsk), 200 of the printed ballots were invalid. But we counted all the good ones, and your choices are printed here in our pages under the Reader's Choice heading at the beginning of each section. Additionally, our crack team of editors (not that they do crack, although some stimulants were needed for the all-nighters we pulled to finish this issue by deadline) has written some other "Best" gems that deserve special recognition in our City of Trees. At a massive 92 pages, we hope you enjoy Boise Weekly's biggest issue ever.

If you filled out a ballot or completed one online, we will conduct a drawing from all of your names for a two-night stay and dinner for two at Cactus Pete's resort at our Best of Boise Party at the Balcony Club on Saturday, September 25 from 5-9 p.m. We will have complimentary beverages and food (while it lasts), and you're welcome to stay and dance your butt off. We'll give away lots of other prizes and announce the drawing winner close to the end of the party. Even though you should be ashamed if you didn't fill out a ballot, we still want to invite you to come on down, say hi and celebrate the Best of Boise. You should also visit our Web site over the next few months at; we will eventually be posting the top ten winners in each category.

BoB Scribes:

Amy Atkins, Bingo Barnes, Mika Belle, Bill Cope, Cam Craven, Nicholas Collias, Colleen Cronin, Rachael Daigle, Jennifer Gelband, Chuck McHenry, Waj Nasser, Erin Ryan, E.J. Pettinger, Chris Schnoor, Cynthia Sewell, Mark Wilson