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Camel's Back Park

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While the equipment is fairly standard here, the view is something else. Camel's Back has good swings with nice long chains for adult-sized vertical lift. And it has a decent set of monkey bars, some cool little cars on giant springs and plenty of slides from which to choose. But when the equipment gets hot or overly crowded, head over to Camel's Back hill, a source of endless pleasure (and endless sand in the pants) for the kids and endless calf crunches for the adults. Camel's Back also has lots of grass, tennis courts, beach volleyball, barbecue grills ... and it is the anchor park for Boise's North End, just blocks from the restaurants and ice cream in Hyde Park and seconds from the Foothills trails. One piece of advice: Exercise caution when sliding with toddlers here. Slide-burn is both painful and embarrassing to try to explain as an adult.

Second Place: Settler's Park

Third Place: Ann Morrison Park

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