Annual Manual 2013 

Home is Where the Heart Is

A community isn't a collection of buildings and roads. Nor is it even the businesses that set up shop—it is defined by the people who make it their home, who shape it through their dreams, their passions, their interests and their daily lives. Their personalities mold a community's personality.

The Treasure Valley, and the cities which make it up, are no different. That's why, for this, the fourth edition of Annual Manual, we decided to tell the story of this place through the individuals who are shaping it.

Whether it's someone working to make sure those in need have a helping hand when they need it, an artist who expands our way of thinking or an entrepreneur carving out his or her own niche, they all have a hand in making this place what it is.

And what is it? If you pay attention to all the top 10 lists Boise ends up on, you'd think it is a great place to raise a family, to enjoy a wealth of cultural offerings and to live an active lifestyle based on stunning natural amenities—and you'd be right. Boise and its surrounds are all of that and more, and we've set out to highlight some of the best of what the area has to offer.

In these pages you'll find the details of how to make the most of life in the Treasure Valley—from must-attend events and the area's top artistic organizations to restaurants and where to play. While we try to be as comprehensive in our listings as possible, there's so much going on around here that we just don't have the space to include everything. Listings in Annual Manual represent some of our favorites, but not all. For more complete and up-to-date listings, visit any time.

You'll also find a series of profiles of the individuals who are shaping the community for the better—whether that's through social action or simply making people smile. It's our way of tipping our hat to those who are giving back to this place we call home.

—Deanna Darr

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HOODS: Getting to know the Treasure Valley.

FOOD: Where and what to eat.

NIGHTLIFE: Getting out on the town.

CULTURE: Culture: Arts and culture in the valley.

RECREATION: Getting outside.

SHOP: Celebrating the material world.

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: The essentials of life in the Treasure Valley.