Annual Manual 2012 

Annual Manual: Take Three

Each year, as we set forth to cobble together the new edition of Annual Manual, we're faced with quite a daunting prospect: How to encapsulate everything that is life in the Treasure Valley into one publication that can stand on its own for an entire year.

Just to be clear, it ain't easy.

As we sort through all the aspects of life in the Boise area—from arts and music to outdoor recreation to shopping and dining—we come to the realization that life here is big and full. Boise might have a reputation for being a low-key, suburban kind of place, but anyone who complains about being bored just isn't looking very hard. Between the concerts, festivals, museums, races, trails, shops, restaurants and assorted adventures, filling your schedule really isn't a problem.

The only problem is trying to jam all those options into one compendium. It's kind of like trying to jam 100 sumo wrestlers into a VW bug, or trying to download the entire iTunes library onto your iPod shuffle, or trying to jam 100 pounds of ... well you get the idea.

Because of this Herculean task, we've been forced to winnow down the list of the Boise experience to what we feel are the can't miss, quintessential pieces of life in the valley. Unfortunately, that means that some things/places/people didn't make it in to this edition of Annual Manual. But it also means that this publication has been designed as your go-to guide, whether you’re a life-long resident or making your first visit to the City of Trees.

In these pages you'll find suggestions for where you should dine, spend your nights out or what the latest food-centric trend is. You’ll be able to plan your weekend getaways, course your artistic adventures and learn a little more about this place we call home.

Basically, we're giving you the who, what, where, when and why of life in Boise.

New this year, we're also introducing you to some of the personalities that make this place unique—from those who are charting its future to those who are celebrating its past. When it comes down to it, being blessed in the geography and climate department will only take a city so far—it's the residents who give it heart, and Boise has a lot of it.

­—Deanna Darr

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HOODS: Getting to know the Treasure Valley.

FOOD: Where and what to eat.

NIGHTLIFE: Getting out on the town.

CULTURE: Culture: Arts and culture in the valley.

RECREATION: Getting outside.

SHOP: Celebrating the material world.

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: The essentials of life in the Treasure Valley.