Annual Manual 2011 

Annual Manual: The Sequel

In 2010, Boise Weekly unleashed a new publication upon the world—something the staff had poured its collective heart into and something that took on a life of its own. While we hoped for the best when publishing the first Annual Manual, we had no idea how well it would be received, by both locals and visitors.

Though we were thrilled by the praise heaped upon our little creation, one big, ugly and extraordinarily daunting realization dropped on us like an 18-wheeler filled with lead, being driven by sumo wrestlers: How the hell were we going ever going to top the first edition?

After months of panicked brainstorming interspersed with moments of brilliance, desperation and a few slap-happy laughing/crying fits, we've managed to create a sequel that we think not only matches its predecessor but is more refined and one that we're proud to slap with the name Annual Manual.

Once again we've aimed to create the go-to guide for residents and visitors alike—something that highlights the best of Boise and the Treasure Valley. This year we've expanded our boundaries a bit to include many of the areas valley residents treasure as quick escapes from daily life. In these pages readers will find everything from dining picks to how Boise's cultural landscape is changing to where to recreate, shop and otherwise enjoy life in the Treasure Valley.

As this edition of Annual Manual came together—though there may have been some kicking and screaming involved—we came to a renewed appreciation for our home, a place where we can ride our mountain bikes over Foothills trails before work, fish in the middle of town on a lunch break and then take in a play, concert or lecture in the evening. Turns out, this ain't a bad place to live.

Of course, with limited space, we could only include so much. We had to be very selective about what we chose to include in Annual Manual, and what you see here is what we feel are the true standouts of the valley. Undoubtedly we missed some, but that's one of the great things about Boise: There's always something to discover—or rediscover.

There's just one problem with this second edition: What are we going to do next year?

­—Deanna Darr

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HOODS: Getting to know the Treasure Valley.

FOOD: Where and what to eat.

NIGHTLIFE: Getting out on the town.

CULTURE: Culture: Arts and culture in the valley.

RECREATION: Getting outside

SHOP: Celebrating the material world.

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: The essentials of life in the Treasure Valley