Annual Manual 2010 

Welcome to the World, Annual Manual

At the start of 2010, the staff of Boise Weekly embarked on our most ambitious project yet: To create a year-round guide to Boise and the surrounding area that could serve as the go-to source for everyone from newcomer to native.

We wanted to give the community a single reference guide covering everything from dining and nightlife to the arts and recreation. It was no small order, but we are ready to put the first edition of the Boise Weekly Annual Manual out in the world.

Inside, you'll find our ode to Boise, highlighting some of the best aspects of life in this great big valley of ours and celebrating the fact that this is a place of both tradition and change, a place that is at once bold and welcoming.

In many ways, creating the Annual Manual was very much like raising a child. First, we decided we were ready to make the commitment, then we began to plan—watching it slowly take form as we imagined what it might someday accomplish. We coaxed it along, filling it with every bit of information we could think of, while trying not to smother it or live vicariously through it as it took its first steps.

There was that awkward teenage stage, when despite how much we had invested in it, we wanted to throttle it. Now, we're ready to cut the publishing strings and let it loose in the world. We just hope it doesn't call for bail money.

The most challenging part of creating the Annual Manual was cramming all of what we saw as absolutely vital information into just 108 pages. As it took shape, we came to realize just how much this area really offers those of us lucky enough to live here.

Shoehorning that much information into one publication meant sacrifices had to be made. We've tried to limit the information in Annual Manual to what we truly believe is the very best in the area. No doubt we've missed a few things, but don't worry, we'll do it all over again next year.

Deanna Darr

HOODS: Getting to know the Treasure Valley.

FOOD: Where and what to eat.

NIGHTLIFE: Getting out on the town.

CULTURE: Culture: Arts and culture in the valley.

RECREATION: Getting outside

SHOP: Celebrating the material world.

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: The essentials of life in the Treasure Valley