Boise Weekly was founded in 1992 on the principle that “nothing contributes to the well-being of a community more than a good newspaper.” Many things have changed since then but we are still guided by that principle. We define a “good local newspaper” as offering robust, incisive news reporting; inclusive, broad and fresh arts and entertainment coverage; knowledgeable, entertaining and unique opinion and analysis; and penetrating, important long-form feature writing that explores the issues, people and places that define life in Boise, Idaho and the Mountain West. Most important, we strive to serve as an authentic voice of and for our community. It doesn’t hurt that we routinely dominate statewide journalism awards in the weekly newspaper category, having won accolades for everything from our special publications and website to business, politics, and arts and entertainment reporting. Boise Weekly also offers a range of glossy magazines including We Are Boise, Boise Eats/Boise Drinks, Annual Manual and a holiday Gift Guide.

Boise Weekly continues to grow and reinvent itself to better connect with readers. Whether it’s a complete website overhaul, which we rolled out in 2016, or greatly expanding and refining our social media reach, one thing we have never changed: our emphasis on local ownership and local coverage. Many people say they can’t imagine life in Boise without the Boise Weekly and neither can we.


Boise Weekly reaches 27% of adults in the Boise metro whether they pick up the Boise Weekly at more than 1,000 locations around the Treasure Valley and southern Idaho or use as reported in the recent 2016 Media Audit data. Boise Weekly’s 4-issue readership increased 39.8% from 94,946 in 2013 to 132,779 in 2016. In addition, our online readership increased 224% from 23,626 in 2013 to 76,767 in 2016. This overall 77% increase in our audience illustrates the growth in our readership.

AGE of BW Readers

18-34: 33.4%
35-54: 43.4%
55+: 23.2%

INCOME of BW Readers

>$75,000: 37.8%
>$100,000: 18.3%
>$150,000: 7.8%




Every week we distribute approximately 30,000 papers, but our website is updated multiple times, seven days per week. Alternative weekly newspapers like ours are unique in many ways, including our distribution model, which is technically called "free non-forced distribution." What that means is our readers intend to pick up our papers. They don't find them stuffed in their mailboxes or sitting in their driveways. If they want to read Boise Weekly--and they do--they can always find one either where they are or close by at more than 1,000 locations across the region. We have to refill multiple times per week, proving that this distribution model works.

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