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921 Day Drive


Day Drive sits in a neighborhood tucked between Vista Village Shopping Center and the train tracks. It was the first self-sustaining neighborhood of its kind back in the late 40's-the idea of providing housing, shops, entertainment and work places within close proximity to one another (meaning you did not need your car) was a progressive idea back then. Now we call this school of thought New Urbanism and it is what every community and new development is striving for. Hopefully the current renovation of the shopping center will bring diverse goods and services back to the neighborhood, and fill that parking lot with neighbors rather than cars.

This house sits on the west side of the drive with a tall, old (but healthy) maple tree in the front yard. There is a quaint, little front porch, the perfect size for relaxing and sipping a cold beverage on those warm summer evenings. The architecture is of the period-front low-pitched gable roof with minimal detailing. The garage has been converted to a habitable space with an enclosed breezeway connecting it to the house. The garage still has the original horizontal wood siding but the house has a tin skin.

The front room has wood floors, masonry fireplace with built-in bookshelves, painted white wood trim and khaki-colored walls. The space is not huge but feels comfortable and the large picture window that faces out to the front yard brightens up the room.

Transitioning from the living room into the galley-style kitchen, I immediately take note of the original cabinets (plain front, painted white), breakfast/dining area with a built-in hutch and wrap-around windows. I like these types of windows, multi-paned but with a more horizontal look compared to the traditional vertical appearance in most of the older historic homes.

Off of the kitchen is what used to be the open breezeway to the garage, but is now enclosed and contains utility/laundry type functions. The converted garage serves as a family room. The ceilings are a little low and the windows a little high off the ground. The walls are painted white except for the faux painted accent wall (yawn) and the carpet is the typical Home Depot burbur (yawn).

The two bedrooms both have hardwood floors, ample closet space and plenty of natural light. The master bedroom has a pair of aluminum sliding doors that lead directly out onto the back deck. The lone bathroom has 12 inch sq. tile flooring, seafoam green color painted wainscot and white walls above.

The backyard has a mix of lawn, garden area, lilacs and shrubs. The back deck has an open, overhead structure and is dec'd out with tiki torches, a freestanding cabinet/bar, hanging shot glasses and wooden chimes. Two hummingbirds went buzzing by my head, fighting over the feeder-or perhaps it was for the next round of Mojitos.

PROS: The interior has been taken care of-the kitchen, utility and converted garage might need a little work but at their current state they are totally functional. That's a good-looking bathroom. Nothing better than chillin' on a porch/deck and this place has two! The price, especially considering the amount of square footage, is a definite pro.

CONS: The Moxie Java on the corner of Vista and Kootenai is scheduled for demolition as part of the grand Vista Village renovation-replaced with what? Asphalt? Concrete? Nothing? Arghhhh! The garage space still feels like a garage-I would be tempted to bust out the wall on the back yard side and put in a large sliding door-connect it more to the outside.