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9 + 1 = Hundreds


Any gallery worth its salt knows the importance of climate control. Too cold, acrylics and oils will crack. Too warm, and canvases will warp until everything looks like a Picasso painting (maybe that's not such a bad thing).

Jacque Crist may have spent a great deal of time and energy maintaining perfect temps at J Crist Gallery, but a warm Idaho summer evening and several hundred people milling around indoors were too much to compete with. No matter how hot it got, though, the mercury would have had to raise several more degrees though, before visitors would have been deterred from checking out the "9+1" exhibit at J Crist last night.

The din rose to a roar a few times during the two hour reception as throngs of people oohed and aahed over work from some of Boise's most creative and artist citizens. Stained glass, needlepoint, photography, colored glass, booklets, paintings, chocolates and music, all inspired by the Trey McIntyre Project dancers and McIntyre himself, made for a varied visual buffet. It was a clever idea in theory on McIntyre's part to ask so many different artists who work in so many different mediums to participate but one that could have gone awry during execution. The way each artist works and his or her interpretations of the dancers and McIntyre were so different from one another, yet the common muse added a thread of continuity and collectiveness to the overall exhibit and it looked as though each participating artist was working at the top of his or her game. The work is beautiful, it's interesting, it's smart, it's whimsical, it's awe-inspiring and was difficult to walk away without buying up the whole lot.

Here's hoping McIntyre is willing to take on the challenge of working with creative types again and we can look forward to a "9+1" No. 2.

For more on the exhibit, click here.

Though the J Crist Gallery officially closed several weeks ago, it will be open and the exhibit will be on display through Saturday, May 30 until 1 p.m. J Crist Gallery, 223 S. 17th St., 208-336-2671.