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831 S. Wild Phlox


This property is located on the bench in the area west of North Cole Road, where I am immediately impressed by the fact that South Wild Phlox is a dead end because that means very little traffic. All the houses on the street are small, attractive and well maintained, and—as if to prove that point—the next door neighbor is on a ladder painting his house when I arrive. The lots in the neighborhood are small, giving the street a feeling of coziness. Sidewalks are an amenity.

The house is painted yellow with lots of white trim. The white gable ends are decorated in an exuberant sunrise design. The front lawn is trim and green with a few bushes. The entryway is just off to the side of the house, and opens into a good-sized, carpeted living room with vaulted ceilings and a ceiling fan. To the left of the living room is the dining area and beyond that is the kitchen. I don't mind the smaller size of the kitchen because I'm not a serious cook, and this kitchen has a feature I just love: three windows at the corner and front of the house above the sink that let in lots of light and afford a good view of the neighborhood. Appliances included are disposal, dishwasher, microwave and stove. A door from the kitchen leads out to the two-car garage equipped with an automatic garage door opener. A breakfast bar doubles as more counter space, connecting the kitchen to the dining area and the living room.

The kitchen and dining area linoleum is new and a light neutral color. The living room and three bedrooms have new off-white wall-to-wall carpeting. The white walls and ceilings haven't been repainted but look very good. Because of all these light neutral colors, and the fact that there are plenty of windows, the house is quite bright.

Just off the living room is the first and smallest bedroom. Next to it is a full bathroom, in which the linoleum on the floor and the wallpaper are in perfect shape and attractively colored. Continuing down a corridor on the left is the utility room and the living room coat closet. The washer and dryer are included in the price of the house. Last on the left is a second bedroom, slightly larger than the first. There is a linen closet at the end of the hall and just to the right is the master suite.

The master bedroom is a good size for this modestly sized home. Off of the bedroom is a walk-in closet and a bathroom without a tub, but with a generously sized shower.

Before I leave, I step out the entry door and onto the deck that extends to the back of the house. This would be a great place for eating outdoors or just relaxing. The backyard is small and all grass. It could be kept that way, or some bushes, trees and flowers could be added as well as a vegetable garden.

PROS: The house is bright and open. The three windows in the kitchen are a plus, as is the big window in the dining room. The lot is fully fenced. The street is attractive and there will be very little traffic. The neutral, light colors give the new owner lots of options for decoration.

CONS: The kitchen linoleum may be new, but I could see some seams in it. The small area of linoleum in the master bath needs to be replaced. A few, maybe three of the double-paned windows, have failed, so that moisture has seeped in between the panes. These will need to be repaired, or perhaps replaced. The side deck is very close to the neighbor's deck. If more privacy is desired, a trellis or some tall bushes in pots could solve the problem.

*Editor's Note: This house has been sold.