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6th Annual Bad Cartoon Contest

You Drew. We Judged.

Once again, a handful of us sat around a table, eating our lunch—and trying not to lose it—as we sorted through the Annual Bad Cartoon contest entries. And once again, we invited a well-known local artist/cartoonist—whose comments ranged from “Wow, that’s interesting” to “Whoa, what does that even mean?”— to give the process a soupcon of integrity. The subject matter and manner of drawing were as broad as they’ve ever been. Oh, of course we had a Larry Craig cartoon (or two), but also one about the Black Friday debacle at the mall; we saw sentient breakfast breads, coffee-drinking squirrels, Simpsons knock-offs and more than one example of talking poop. It was a tough call trying to decide which bad cartoon we could stand to look at for 52 weeks running, but we finally narrowed it down to a cartoon by Elijah Jensen, who apparently has a fascination with teeth. Because we had such a difficult time winnowing the submissions down to just one, we’ve also included some of the entries that, though they may not run every week in BW, were just too clever, funny, sick, twisted, weird or odd not to show you. If, for some reason, Elijah Jensen is unable to fulfill his duties as winner, we will ask the second-place winner, Troy Cunningham, to pick up the torch. If he gives us the finger, we’ll just keep going down the line, the cartoons becoming progressively worse. In which case, we might change the name of next year’s competition to “Really, Really Bad Cartoon Contest.”

--Amy Atkins

Grand Prize

Looking Forward to a Year of Tooth Cartoons ... Maybe

I came to the realization that three-quarters of my submissions revolve around teeth jokes, and that I’ve also had several dreams where my teeth crumble out of my mouth as I casually go about my business. People have told me this represents some sort of fear, but I haven’t been to the dentist in 5 years and I have no regrets. None of these comics are bad to me, they are a little better than that. I hope they fit the criteria. I hope you chuckle at them. Thanks, Elijah

2nd Place

3rd Place

Our Heads Hurt Too Award

Why Us? Award

So Cute, It Hurts Award

So Bad It's Good Award

Best Public Service Announcement Award

It Took 2 People to Come Up With This? Award?

This Kid is Going to Fund My Social Security? Yikes! Award

You'll Get It ... Eventually Award

Too Much Faith in Dogs Award

Curiously Disturbing

Cancel That Bagel Order Award

TXT MSG Caption Award