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5th Annual Bad Cartoon Contest

Each year, when judging the entries for the BW Bad Cartoon Contest we ask ourselves, "What exactly is a bad cartoon"? The ingredients that go into a bad cartoon are legion and we saw several: rough drawings, terrible puns, illegible captions, ninjas, snails, talking bears, puppets gone bad and more. This year, as we sat around perusing the entries, we gagged, we laughed until we cried and we had several "WTF?" moments. We have no doubt you will experience some of the same feelings as you read the included submissions. Sometimes a cover letter was more interesting, funny or bizarre than the cartoon it accompanied, and in one case, we included that, too. Ultimately, we hope the cartoonists (we use this term loosely for some of them) had as much fun creating their entries as we did judging them. The outcome of all this merrymaking is that the grand prize winner gets to see his or her work printed every week for a year in BW at $10 a pop. Should the winner be unable to perform the duties of Contest Winner at any point during the year, the runner-up will be asked to carry on from there.

--Amy Atkins

Grand Prize

Runner Up

We're Glad Somebody's Laughing Award

Most Enthusiastic Cover Letter So We Just Had To Print The Cartoon Award

Closest To Appearing In The New Yorker Award

Best "B.C." Rip Off

Best Cartoon That Would Have Won, But Since He's Not Related To Any BW's Staff, Didn't

So Scary It Has To Be True Cover Letter Award

Best Cartoon Drawn By A Cat (We Think) Or Most Familiar (See Jr. Extra Lives Cartoons)

Best Use of a Nametag/Making Hell Seem Cute

Best Cartoon Submitted By a Grandma (We Think)

Do Not Eat Butter At Jordan's House Award

What? Award

Inappropriately Appropriate Award

We Love It Because There's a Ninja Award

SugarPoop: Our New Favorite Word Award

The "Don't Talk To Your Mother That Way, Ever" Award