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4205 Edgemont


The words "mid-century modern" drew me in on this house's ad but it was the location that sealed the deal. Edgemont, located off Emerald and Americana, is a unique area with a mix of housing styles and sizes. I have spent some time cruisin' this 'hood and there are several homes I like to keep my eye on, but this wasn't one of them—until now.

The house sits on a sweeping, nicely landscaped corner lot. It's not much of a statement architecturally, partly because of the single-story, shallow sloped gable roof, which holds the house close to the ground. The exterior materials are a mix of red brick, and wood and old asbestos siding painted khaki with white trim. This lackluster appearance quickly piqued my interest when I saw the coordinated rose (the plate that covers the hole under the door knob) and doorbell surround in a very cool and very retro star pattern. Adjacent to the oversized front door is a full height side light with patterned glass.

The front door opens into a field of Oakley stone. And it's not just a few token pieces but stone as far as the eye can see and feet can find. I think this was my first experience with such a scene, and I loved it! What did not tickle my fancy was the curved wall just inside the entry, painted blood red and poorly detailed. This wall guides guests into the living room where tons of glass looks out to the front yard. The room is also equipped with an oddly placed alcove with a small cabinet (no, not a stocked bar, that was still to come), track lighting and a brick fireplace.

A true rambling ranch, this house goes all over the place. My next stop was in front of the real bar complete with a mirror-covered wall, glass shelving, locking white cabinets (don't want little Jimmy and Suzie sampling before it's time), built-in ice bin and sink. Conveniently located next to the bar is the "lounge," a large open space with a fireplace, painted wood beam and deck ceiling, and access to a courtyard. The space is perfect for summer cocktail parties.

The kitchen has a commercial feel to it with a tank-sized Subzero fridge/freezer (I think only half of it works), a Thermador range and so on. The travertine-tiled countertop is neatly banded with a thick piece of stainless steel—nice! The track lighting was industrial and perfect for the space (I think they were original).

The master bedroom has a white painted brick wall and high windows along the street side. Closet space looks ample and the masterbath has recently been remodeled with some swanky Kohler fixtures, gorgeous wood cabinets and operable skylight.

And now to the outside (yes, there is more to the interior but I don't have the space to tell all). So, there is a kidney-shaped pool with Oakley stone steps to saunter in on. Surrounding the pool is scored concrete, some rock outcroppings and trees and shrubs to screen the looky-lous (like me). The courtyard, which is on the opposite side from the pool, has a mix of hardscape and landscape.

PROS: One characteristic I like about mid-century modern houses is that the entry is typically understated, unlike a lot of houses today in which the entry looks like some sort of unwanted/unwelcomed growth. I was serious about all the Oakley. It is gorgeous and easy to maintain. Oh, and most of the house has radiant floor heat, so bare feet it is! The bar definitely makes this a house for entertaining. I was glad to see large amounts of glass from the street and no closed curtains. It sure changes the street character when blinds are not always shut. If I had 400K, I'd do it!

CONS: The exterior color palette is a bit ho-hum. Primary colors are not the answer but certainly something that would work with the red brick and newly introduced white vinyl windows (one of the problems with vinyl is that they are so limiting) should not be too hard to find.