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3bd, 2bth, Mthlb, Close to Schls, Crt


When picking a house from which to operate a highly armed methamphetamine dealership, it's all about location, location, location. Maybe you should even consider making a list:

1. Across the street from one of the most popular police hangouts in town--check!

2. Just close enough to a school for it to affect sentencing--check!

Not your ideal spot to start an army of upper-freaks, you say? Well, that's why you're not in jail (most of you, anyway) and 42-year-old James Leon Pyatt of Caldwell is. Pyatt was arrested last June by the Canyon County Sheriff's Office after selling crank to a confidential informant, but a raid on Pyatt's house, located across the street from the Canyon County Courthouse and just down the street from Van Buren Elementary, was far more productive. In the house, sheriff's deputies and Caldwell police found approximately 28 guns and even more meth, according to a Department of Justice release.

These knickknacks and doodads qualified Pyatt for Idaho's Project Safe Neighborhood Program, which pushes for stricter sentences on cases involving both drugs and guns. He was sentenced earlier this month to serve 57 months in federal prison, plus an additional six years of supervised release.