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30 Days of Night


God, I hate it when horror movie victims run off into the dark woods or make a daring escape into a back alley. You know what, you guys? It's your fault you never get rescued.

Well, for the citizens of Barrow, Alaska, one of the most remote towns in all of the United States, they don't have to worry about choosing an improper route of escape. When a vampire horde overruns their town during a 30-day Alaskan blackout, they've really got nowhere else to go.

Expect a bit of gore from this title. The vampires spray the blood of their victims all over the snow-covered streets of Barrow. And while these perverse phlebotomists are creepy and a little disturbing, they aren't necessarily very scary—at least not in the jump-out-and-get-you sort of way.

The hero of the film is Sheriff Eben Oleson (Josh Hartnett, Pearl Harbor), who teams with his wife Stella (Mellissa George, Turistas) and a few of the town's more colorful characters to fend off the throng of well-dressed bloodsuckers. Notable role players are Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma) as a grimy vampire sentinel, Danny Huston (The Number 23) as the evil leader and Mark Boone Jr. (Batman Begins) as a disgruntled community member.

Director David Slade (Hard Candy) strings together some brilliant camera work, especially when his slow-pan overhead shots capture all of the carnage. As is the norm with most horror titles, this movie doesn't blaze any trails, but it's a pretty cool film with a slightly different sort of ending.

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