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27 Dresses


It's an old story: cute-but-understated lady-doctor (Katherine Heigl, TV's Grey's Anatomy) meets handsome superhero (James Marsden, X-Men), falls in love, lives happily ever after. OK, that's not how it goes, but given the resumes of the film's stars, it's just as likely as the real plot

Really, the story is more along the lines of wedding-obsessed business assistant (Heigl), 27 times a bridesmaid, self-destructs when her Barbie doll baby sister (Malin Akerman, The Heartbreak Kid) starts to date the boss (Edward Burns, The Holiday) she's been secretly in love with for years. Meanwhile, a pesky-but-charming newspaperman (Marsden) covers sis's nuptials and tries to win the heroine's heart.

There's not a lot of new material in this one, but at least it's refreshing to see some newer stars on the romantic comedy scene, while still being fairly loaded with familiar faces. The dialogue is clever, but not overly punchy, making the title a better match for fans of cutesy romance than straight comedy.

Marsden, probably best known for his portrayal of Marvel comic book hero Cyclops is, surprisingly, the best thing about this film. Given the proper opportunity, he shows a whole lot of charisma. Director Anne Fletcher's talents are even more surprising because, though she's danced in and choreographed nearly 50 films since 1984, this is only her second attempt at directing (2006's Step Up).

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