2017 Lifetime Achievement Awards


For more than two decades, Boise Weekly has been asking readers, through our annual Best of Boise poll, to vote on the best local … everything: restaurants, bars, music venues, retailers, nonprofits, services, visual artists, musicians, performers, food, drinks, etc.—all of the things that contribute to how citizens of this city view their quality of life. While we recognize polls like Best of Boise (registered trademark) are, in many ways, popularity contests, isn’t popularity often the result of being the best? Over the years, a handful of businesses have repeatedly emerged as the winners in their categories. They nabbed No. 1 so many times in a row, only a dotard would have bet on one of them not taking the top spot in any given year. It’s not that we didn’t want to write about them again, but over the years, we watched some of these perpetual champions go from being the new or not-so-well-known kids on the block to becoming Boise institutions, and we felt like they deserved an honor more befitting their star status.

So, it is with great pleasure we announce the first four recipients (in alphabetical order) of the inaugural Boise Weekly Best of Boise Lifetime Achievement Awards: Bogus Basin, The Flicks, Hannifin’s and Record Exchange. Unlike Nike or Adidas, we can’t offer bazillion-dollar endorsement deals to these champions, but we can make sure they hold their titles in perpetuity, so we are retiring the Best Local Ski Resort, Best Local Movie Theater, Best Local Smoke Shop and Best Local Record Store categories as well.

We know there are other longtime winners in this 2017 Best of Boise edition, but we want to keep the list of Lifetime Achievement Award Winners short and sweet each year so the honor remains as special as we intend it to be.

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