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2016 Idaho Woodcarvers Guild Jamboree

Saturday-Sunday, May 14-15


In the workshop of Ron Swanson—man's man and reluctant small town bureaucrat of TV series Parks and Recreation—it is possible for wood projects to turn out too perfect and must be smashed, lest they appear machine made. That is a worthy, if absurd, level of quality to which one may aspire, but most of us would have trouble slapping together a birdhouse, much less a keepsake box of quarter sawn zebrawood, joined by floating tenants to black walnut corner posts and finished with a wiping varnish taken from a secret family recipe. At the 2016 Idaho Woodcarvers Guild Jamboree, Saturday-Sunday, May 14-15 at Expo Idaho, woodsmiths of all abilities can learn woodburning, bark and caricature carving, and flute making. You won't be Swanson overnight, but it's a start.