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2011 i48 Winners

Short time, short film, huge creativity


Winners of the 2011 i48 film competition were announced on June 12 at the Egyptian Theatre and are as follows.

In the novice category--Best Film and Best Sound: The Driver, No Business Even Trying This; Second Best Film: Boiz Noize, Lampost Prod.; Best Use of Dialogue: Techno Lies, LCMS Dream Team; Best Use of Prop: Thunder Rack, The Fighting Cocks; Best Use of Character: To Sunday, All Fools Prod.; Best Sound: The Driver, No Business Even Trying This; Best Cinematography: Tag Along, Cinema Verita; Best Actress: Haley Ganatos from Joy Ride, Dapper Gents Prod.; Best Actor: Darrin Bush from Boiz Noize, Lampost Prod.

In the open category--Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Sound: Beard's Company, Moving Parts; Second Best Film: Wheels of Healing, Rank Amateurs. Best Use of Dialogue: Trinkets, Whitefire; Best Use of Prop: Sum Ting Wong, Mirandize This; Best Use of Character: Solitaire, the Reluctant Do-Gooders; Best Actress: Lina Chambers from Beard's Company, Moving Parts, and Rachel Lamar from Departure, Bumblebird Films; Best Actor: Dusty Aunan from Beard's Company, Moving Parts. And the Boise Weekly Audience Award went to Departure, Bumblebird Films.

Visit our video page to watch the entries.

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