2007 Public Eye Readers' Choice

Readers' Picks

Best Weatherperson

Scott Dorval, KIVI-Channel 6


Upset! Or, blast from the past. Scott Dorval, the weather dude from Today's Channel 6, has been here for a while, providing reliable commentary and prognostication about the overhead mood of the valley. And he's no stranger to BW readers, who've made him a top winner in this category before. Last year he was firmly in second place, but took top honors this year. What could it be? His easygoing demeanor? His accuracy? His empathy for smoky air sufferers? His new and improved haircut? (We know; we saw his picture from 1994.)

Second Place: Larry Gebert, KTVB Channel-7

Third Place: Rick Lantz, KTVB Channel-7

Best Local DJ

Tim Johnstone and Ken Bass - FRANCIS DELAPENA

Tim Johnstone and Ken Bass at 94.9-FM The River

Nice guys finish first. Whether it's their warm, welcoming style, their encyclopedic knowledge of music history, or their easygoing way with listeners, these two local boys done good, and you noticed. Johnstone and Bass provide a great sonic entree into the morning, whether it's by bantering with local experts on everything from gardening, books, traffic or news, or by spinning cool tunes. How can you not want to tune in to a couple of nice guys like that?

Second Place: Big J at 100.3 The X

Third Place: Mike and Kate at Mix 106

Best Local TV anchor

Maggie O'Mara, KTVB Channel 7

In the world of Boise television journalism there is just one champ—and the girl dominates her competitors.

For the third year running, the people of Boise have voted Channel 7 morning anchor Maggie O'Mara as the top local television personality. She may not be the marquee anchor on the valley's most dominant network, but that hasn't stopped her from endearing herself to viewers during her 10-year career in Boise.

Maybe it's because she's the first face we see in the morning who utters coherent statements. Maybe it's just because she's so damned likable. Maybe it's because she can pronounce every weird Idaho name without a stutter and actually knows the people she's reporting on.

Nothing like local knowledge. Whatever it is, long live the champ.

Second Place: Dee Sarton, KTVB Channel 7

Third Place: Carolyn Holly, KTVB Channel 7

Best Local TV Station

KTVB Channel 7

The people of Boise have apparently taken the slogan "Must See TV" to heart. Once again, the city's NBC affiliate has beaten out its competitors to take the top spot in the valley. If the other stations in the area want to challenge Channel 7 for the title, may we suggest an all-out battle, a la Anchorman.

Second Place: IPTV Channel 4

Third Place: KTRV Channel 12

Best Local NonProfit Organization

Idaho Humane Society

These folks have seen it all when it comes to abandoned animals, and they're doing their best with limited resources to find them homes. Here's to a job that could be thankless but, thanks to you readers, isn't.

Second Place: Planned Parenthood

Third Place: YMCA

Best Local Radio Station

KRVB The River 94.9 FM

Could it be that The River has found a way to provide the right mix of old and new, cutting-edge and familiar music? Or maybe it's because they consistently fill the drive-time hours with local material. Whatever the hour, The River seems to find the right tune for the times.

Second Place: kbsx Boise State Radio 91.5-FM

Third Place: KQXR The X 100.3-FM

Best Local Place to See and Be Seen

Downtown Boise

A decade ago, downtown Boise was a ghost town after 6 p.m. Now it's the place to be. Any night of the week, the downtown core is filled with people looking for fun. It's the place to kick back and watch the parade of humanity—from the metropolitan professional, to the tragically hip.

Second Place: Hyde Park

Third Place: Alive After Five

Best Local Politician

No Such Thing

Oh, you grumpy voters you! Let's think about this for a bit. For this opinion to win the "best politicians" category must mean BW voters were feeling especially cynical and down in the mouth about local pols.

Gosh, don't know why ... could it be the Larry Craig scandal? Or maybe it's the upcoming elections that have you down. Nobody hates politicians more than at election time, so maybe you're getting yourselves ready to vote for a new mayor of Boise or for a new City Council in general. Or maybe it's the early start of the 2008 presidential race that's got you jaded. Either way, local pols take note: you're on probation.

Second Place: Mayor Dave Bieter

Third Place: Rep. Nicole LeFavour

Best Local News Source

KTVB Channel 7

Yep, when it comes to getting the news lickety-split, the KTVB gang is impossible to beat, it seems. It's easy to hate the big dogs, and we suspect many a local journalist gets fed up by seeing those interviews get snapped up. Channel 7 is big and fancy, and you can get all fussy about their content all you want. But when it comes to getting on the big story in a big hurry, they're tops.

Second Place: Boise Weekly (Aw, shucks)

Third Place: Idaho Statesman

Best Place to Take A Non-Idahoan


All out-of-staters might reasonably expect to find mountains, rivers and forests in Idaho, and they'd be right. That's why it's so much fun to take them for a turn in the swinging downtown we now enjoy. Nothing surprises them more. They knew they were supposed to pack boots and bikes and skis , but now, they say to themselves, "I should have packed the rest of the house, too." And that, friends, is the risk we face. Use your downtown wisely.

Second Place: Into the mountains

Third Place: Float the river

Best Local Architectural Treasure

Egyptian Theatre

No one can deny the greatness of a building with a couple of sphinxes on it. This downtown landmark is truly the treasure of Boise architecture. Its Egyptian-revival facade combined with an organist pit and a curving balcony make it a window on the past. It harkens back to days when buildings weren't just prefabricated brown square blocks. This beauty is from a time when buildings were made to be impressive: lasting legacies that their owners carved their names into.

Second Place: Boise Depot

Third Place: Old Idaho Penitentiary

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