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2005 Summer guide

School's Out for Summer


I remember the last week of school ... all 12 years of them. Nobody got anything done. We'd have pie eating contests, three-legged races, practical jokes on teachers-general high weirdness. Later years came the school picnics and yearbook signing frenzy.

Returning to school in the fall would be the inevitable essay, "What I did last summer." Instead of a wrap-up, we thought we'd forecast our BW summer plans. "What we're doing this summer," seemed like a good idea to organize the 2005 summer guide.

Because our staff is so varied in age (but all young at heart), because our staff has diverse interests (yet we all share a love of some things ... like having a good time ... sometimes too good of a time) and because we all went to school at some time in our lives, BW's art director Leila Ramella knew we had photos of ourselves from the middle school years. Their use is also because the photos showed us in all our glory during those oh-so-flattering years, when pimples and pubic hair emerged and said, "Hello there." Have a great summer.

-Bingo Barnes, Editor