2004 Public Eye Reader's Choices

Readers' Picks


Mayor Dave Bieter

You can't help but like the guy. He rides his bike to work. He'll show up at just about any event, shake your hand and sincerely listen to your gripes. He beat out a whole coalition of conservative candidates with a majority of the ballots, proving that there are just enough liberal freaks in Boise to make a difference if they get together on a single issue. Mayor Bieter wins for organizing the ballot like he organized the election. After gathering his army of grass roots volunteers, Bieter has ensured that elections in Boise will never be the same. Power to the people!

2. Dirk Kempthorne

3. Nicole LeFavour


KTVB Channel 7

Somewhere between "No News" gimmicks and detached national networks, there is the solid reporting and consistent coverage of KTVB News. Not only is the crew award-winning, they're also on duty 24-7, bringing Idahoans the most thorough, up-to-the-minute information not only on crime and politics, but also local heroes, businesses and everyday things we forget are important. It's nice to know that any time of the night or day, there are familiar faces ready to pop up and tell us the latest. They may not know us, but we know and depend on their diligence, dedication and perfect hair.

2. Idaho Public Television Channel 4

3. KTVR Fox 12


Idaho Humane Society

For nearly 60 years the Idaho Humane Society has been caring for the Valley's neglected and abandoned pets. Each year the organization receives over 16,000 animals and has one of the nation's highest adoption rates. In addition to providing shelter and placement services, IHS also offers a free pet adoption program for people over age 60; volunteers regularly take shelter animals to visit residence facilities, senior citizen centers and retirement homes throughout Ada County. They even offer a computerized animal tracking system to ensure that our microchipped furry friends can be returned home safely.

2. Idaho Youth Ranch

3. WCA (Women's and Children's Alliance)


KBSU 91.5

Talk is cheap, and if you don't make a pledge to public radio, it will be even cheaper. Each transition of programming marks the day as a signal to get a cup of joe and stimulate the mind with the soft, intellectual ramblings of NPR news, Day-to-Day, Click and Clack, and if you want to get really sappy, Garrison Keiler. Who needs music? You voted talk.

2. 94.9 KRVB The River

3. 100.3 The X


KBOI 670

We love KBOI for its great mix of local and national news coverage on Idaho's First Morning News with radio host trio Paul J. Schneider, Chris Walton and Deb Courson. Listeners can go from being amused in the morning to riled up by the venom spewing from hothead Bill O'Reilly each afternoon and then calm down with the Zamzow's Garden Show on Saturday afternoons. Come Sunday, you can get your political fix on Meet the Press with Tim Russert.

2. KBSU 730 Jazz

3. 580 KIDO


Dee Sarton (KTVB Channel 7)

Maybe it's the hair-short, reliable, immune to all the flighty coif trends of her contemporaries. Maybe it's the makeup-always warm and rosy, never subject to trampy eyeliner overhauls. Whatever the reason, only Lady Sarton has outlasted all the Weatherman and Hightower upstarts to be Idaho's queen of disaster-informing in three different decades.

2. Maggie O'mara (KTVB Channel 7)

3. Larry Gebert (KTVB Channel 7)


Ken Bass and Teri Tate(KRVB 94.9 FM)

One of the most intelligent, insightful and entertaining morning show teams, Ken and Teri are so full of witty repartee that you hang on every word waiting for Teri to pick the low hanging fruit that Ken is constantly dangling. A slam on Ken is sometimes as easy as an unobstructed lay up. When that happens, we slap the dashboard and shout "Two points for Teri!"

2. Bob & Tom (KKGL 96.9)

3. Tim Johnstone (KRVB 94.9)


Alive after Five

This jam-packed Boise tradition represents family fun in its most elemental form. Adults park a mile away, kids complain. Adults stand around drinking hefeweizens, kids run through a fountain. Both adults and kids make new friends for the afternoon, forget all about them by the time they go home. It's like going to the Hamptons once a week all summer long. We've all been on at least one end of the equation, and to make fun of it would be downright un-American.

2. Capital City Saturday Market

3. Flying M

Best News Source


There's nothing we appreciate more than good jazz, level DJs and creative programming, and KBSU has it all. What other station is so smart, so eclectic? And what other station realizes that people would rather listen to a garbage disposal than an amplified, hyperactive voiceover that leaves no room for music? Did we mention the awesome coverage of world events, national interest stories and political crossfire? Basically, if all of the best sonic data were stored in one place, it would sound a lot like NPR. Thanks for listening, Boise.

2. Boise Weekly

3. KTVB Channel 7