2003 Public Eye Reader's Choices

Readers' Picks


1. Boise State University-Most definitely the best education in the state for the cheapest. BSU offers programs for associate's, bachelor's and graduate degrees. And it's all right downtown and taught by intelligent and diverse professors.

2. Boise High School

3. Lowell Elementary School


1. No Best Politician Receiving 19 percent of the votes, this answer speaks volumes to the public's perception of politics.

2. Dave Bieter: 14.3 percent

3. George W. Bush: 9.8 percent

Other notable runners up receiving more than 5 percent of the vote include: Dave Krick, owner of Red Feather Lounge and Bittercreek (7.7 percent) and Dirk Kempthorne (5 percent).


1. TIE: 1350 AM KTIK ESPN sports talk radio and 91.5 FM KBSX NPR News
In a readers' poll in which almost 1,100 ballots were tallied it's amazing that there could be a tie for a category, but a tie we did have. Even more amazing is that BW readers don't prefer music, but talk. And not just any talk. They want to hear intellectual talk on NPR and sports talk on KTIK.

2. 100.3 KQXR "The X"

3. 94.9 FM KRVB "The River"


1. Elizabeth Duncan, KIVI Channel 6- Channel 6 is saturating the market with perkiness! First, Scotty "Storm Front Coming" Dorval joined the team; and now, modish anchorwoman, Elizabeth Duncan has come on board. Not just another talking head glam queen, Duncan is all about the news. Six On Your Side has hired themselves a 10!

2. Larry Gebert, KTVB Channel 7

3. Scott Dorval, KIVI Channel 6


This was a very close race but KTVB Channel 7 edged out KIVI Channel 6 by less than ten votes.

1. KTVB Channel 7- With newscasters that are easygoing and poke fun at themselves, telling nationwide and local news in such a fluid manner that it doesn't feel like a full half hour, and with John Miller's awesome local pieces that show just how diverse we all are-it's no wonder they've won Emmys.

2. KIVI Channel 6

3. Idaho Public Television Channel 4