2003 Dining Reader's Choices

Readers' Picks


1. Gino's (by one vote)

In a peaceful setting with running water nearby, the beautiful bronze statue centerpiece, rich imagery and beautiful, introspective quotes engraved surrounding the memorial, it makes for a peaceful setting to relax, meditate or bring the kids for a bittersweet learning experience. Say hello to Gino in the kitchen for us.

2. Red Feather Lounge
3. Mortimer's


1. Goldy's

This place is a mixture of all good breakfast attributes. Great bakery items (from Richard's Bakery), fabulous coffees, and a list of breakfast favorites and some unique morning-time delights (the Gruyere and Spinach frittata is a must try).

2. Moon's Kitchen
3. Red Feather Lounge


1. Bittercreek Ale House - In a laid-back atmosphere with food that is anything but laid-back, the Bittercreek Ale House offers incredible American cuisine infused with foreign flare, as well as tons of Northwest microbrews on tap. One of the most popular lunch meals is the Focaccia Beef au Jus, perfectly mixing shredded beef and all the trimmings for a fantastic lunch right downtown.

2. Cobby's Sandwich Shop
3. Pollo Rey


1. Mortimer's- Consistently good, Mortimer's will wow you every time. It's quaint, has an exquisite Idaho-influenced wine list and menu and that head chef and owner, Jon Mortimer, is so cute. We can't get enough of him.

2. Red Feather Lounge 3. Cottonwood Grill


1. Red Robin- They're huge. They drizzle. They're piled with everything you could possibly want, customized to perfection. Red Robin burgers are some of the best, brought out to your table steaming and dripping ... leaving your mouth filled with flavor.

2. Bittercreek Ale House
3. Bad Boy Burgers


1. Red Feather Lounge- Delicious and rich desserts that will leave you reeling in ecstasy and begging for more, the Red Feather lounge offers chocolate lava cakes, rich tiramisus, vanilla tarts and ice cream concoctions that will send yours eyes blissfully in the back of your head.

2. Coldstone Creamery
3. Goody's


1. Cazba - In a small space on Eighth, the Cazba surrounds patrons with an amazingly large atmosphere, peaceful dining, and best of all, the food. The menu boasts cuisine from all over the Middle East and Mediterranean, serving dishes that look as fantastic as they taste.

2. Aladdin
3. Madhuban


1. Gino's- Winner of this year's Best Restaurant as well, it is no fluke that Gino has put together the best Italian menu in Idaho. Our readers know this too. That's why he got so many votes for Best Italian. We had the lamb shank there once and wanted to camp out until the next mealtime.

2. Asiago's
3. Louie's


1. Chapala - With locations from Hailey to Caldwell Chapalas consistently serves up quality, consistency and South-of-the-border tastes for the Idaho palette. Whether it's chimichangas, burritos, fajitas or enchiladas we have a hard time finishing. Maybe it's because we load up on chips, salsa and beans. Our readers know that this is the best.

2. Corona Village
3. Roque's


1. TIE: Yen Ching and Siam

Yen Ching is a staple of downtown dining, with grea, authentic dishes where you can expect plenty of delicious food at a decent price. Our favorite? Crab Rangoon to start with Szechuan Beef to headline. For great Thai cuisine, Siam is the place. Superb curry dishes (red, green, and yellow), and Pad Thai that is out of this world. It is no wonder both restaurants are equally enjoyed.

2. Twin Dragon
3. Zutto


1. Guido's- What exactly makes Guido's so great? Is it the bubbling cheese, the hot, delicious toppings, the perfect crust that you can't get enough of? All this, most definitely combines to make the greatest tasting, most authentic New York-style pizza around-and the price is a fantastic bonus as well.

2. Flying Pie
3. Lucky 13


1. Hawkins PacOut- Hawkins PacOut serves up French fries, curly fries, tater tots and more in laaarge doses, and by the time you've finished sharing a basket with only the BEST of friends, your body is done, but your mind craves more.

2. Bittercreek Ale House
3. Red Robin


1. Mortimer's- Mortimer's offers incredible choice meats, fish and other seafood delicacies to tantalize taste buds and cause serious salivation. Here, things are grilled to perfection and served steaming with fantastic sides in an incredibly amiable environment.

2. Red Feather Lounge
3. Outback Steakhouse


1. Zutto Japanese Restaurant- When you walk in Zutto, it is impossible to not feel immediately Zen. The atmosphere is calm and simplistic, and the servers are all peaceful and laid-back. Then the food arrives, arranged, prepared and presented simplistically, beautifully, each plate is a piece of art, and then you take the first bite-and your mouth is full of incredibly authentic flavors from Japan.

2. Shige Japanese Cuisine
3. Happy Fish Sushi & Martini Bar


1. Kulture Klatsch- In a very small, earthy place, where the people and servers are all amiable, the music wafts out softly at nights, and the food is always spectacular, Kulture Klatsch offers the rarity of vegetarian and even vegan-friendly food in the form of incredible recipes that not only taste great but are great for you.

2. Boise Co-op
3. Zen Bento