2003 Arts & Entertainment Reader's picks

Readers' Picks

1. Prairie DogProductionsPrairie Dog Productions has offered raucous family entertainment for three years now-focusing on "MusicalMelodrama Parodies," they offer some-thing to make the whole family giggle-atprices that are perfect for a family.

2. Idaho Shakespeare Company3. Boise Contemporary Theater


1. Flicks Get away from the corporateand into the quiet cool of Flicks. You may never have heard of any of the movies on the reader board. doesn't matter. Just pick one, any one, grab some coffee or a glass of wine and after a couple of self-indulgent trips like this, you'll never return to the Edwards Mega-opolis.

2. Egyptian
3. Edwards

1. Boise Art Museum-Yes, we know it's not a gallery, but these are your choices, not ours. It's easy to understand why the Boise Art Museum is such a popular presenter of art. The Egyptian show was a huge hit and from what we are hearing, Matthew Barney is producing significant numbers of admirers. Boise's lucky to have such an organization to support the arts ... now we challenge you, our readers to get to know the rest of Boise's galleries and artists.

2. Flying M
3. Basement Gallery

1. Anne Frank Memorial-In a peaceful setting with running water nearby, the beautiful bronze statue centerpiece, rich, full, introspective quotes engraved surrounding the memorial, it makes for a peaceful setting to relax, meditate or bring the kids for a bittersweet learning experience.

2. Basque History Mural on Capitol Boulevard by The Letterman
3. Amy Westover's "Grove Street Illuminated and Boise Canal" at 9th and Grove.

1. Doug Martsch- Doug was interviewed by David Peisner on The Onion's Web site (you can read it entirely on here There it says he "is often portrayed as an antisocial recluse who hides in the mountains ofIdaho, obsessively crafting guitar-rock symphonies while staring out into the backwoods." This founding member of Built to Spill regularly comes down from the mountains to play despite his hermetic status. Go see him. You won't be disappointed.

2. Rosalie Sorrels
3. Marcus Eaton

1. $oul Purpo$e-Last year's Editor's Choice and Reader'sChoice winner for Best Cover Band, the disco boys and girls do it again this year. Oh, sure, you can dis the fact they do covers but you'll findno band more fun to get out on the dance floorand shake your groove thang. Singing funk and disco tunes from eras gone by, you'll break a sweat. We promise.

2. Built to Spill
3. Fat John & The 3 Slims