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1puglife Entertainment

This is no mockumentary. It's life in Inwood.


The guys at 1puglife Entertainment seem surprised at comparisons to The Trailer Park Boys and/or Jackass. Even a cursory viewing of their videos reveals they're at least soul brothers with Sunnyvale Trailer Parkers and the eponymous asses.

Based in the tiny hamlet of Inwood, Ontario (that's eastern Canada, eh), 1puglife is Chris Whitcroft—a bearded good old boy with a mane of fiery red hair and an encyclopedic vocabulary of Canuck slang. Out of his machine shop at Inwood Customs pours a steady stream of motorized lawnmowers, and Power Wheels-type cars that are souped up and sent on punishing stunts that usually result in one of Whitcroft's minions getting seriously "dicker'd up."

Visit 1puglife's YouTube channel, and you'll see the "ultimate drift trike and power wheels romp" and "the great canadian dumpster jump." It's not all jumps and wrecks—Whitcroft takes viewers on bizarre outings to buy fuel filters, visit with his "crawdad," and generally run afoul of the police and various other "bylaw dicks."

This is no mockumentary. It's life in Inwood.