BW Picks » Top 7


1. Sally Barnes helped found Blue Man Group.

2. Bingo Barnes was a grand champion 4H livestock judge in Weld County, Colorado in 1981.

3. Amy Atkins cries at parades and loves horror movies.

4. Nicholas Collias once used mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate a dying lamb.

5. Blake Green descended from Mormon Samoans and wears undergarments on the weekends.

6. Nate Hall, during his skateboard heyday, tore every ligament in both ankles.

7. Stan Jackson played pro baseball in his 20s, ran a marathon in his 50s and will be skiing when he is 110.

8. Emina Musanovic as a child often spoke fake Hungarian with her cousin.

9. Leila Ramella is a huge dork, but you probably knew that already.

10. Mollie Rasmussen is fond of cacti.

11. Cory Robertson does not like chocolate.

13. Erin Ryan worships chocolate and was once asked to sing in a British rock band.

14. Cynthia Sewell is a Mayflower descendent.

15. Joslyn Seyfried traveled to seven countries in the last four years.

16. Nancy Spittle still sleeps with her Star Wars blanket.

17. Jessi Strong won a gold cup at age 11 for piano competitions.