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15th Annual Black & White Photo Contest

With over 300 submissions, the 2017 entries were some of the best we've ever seen.



Advances in cell phone cameras have made it easy for even the most inexpert among us to consider ourselves photographers. Like any other art form, however, photography requires skill, talent or a combination of the two. True photographers not only see the world around them differently—often capturing things the rest of us miss—they are able to convey their particular vision.

Submissions to our 15th annual Boise Weekly Black and White Photo Contest were some of the best we've ever seen, and with almost 300 submissions, we were grateful talented local photographers Glenn Landberg, Laurie Pearman and Patrick Sweeney joined Boise Weekly Art Director Kelsey Hawes and Editor-In-Chief Amy Atkins to choose from among them. Thanks to our guest judges and everyone who entered the contest. For us, it was a win/win.

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