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1332 Records: Trigger Itch CD Release Party, June 18


The founders of 1332 Records intended for the name to be tongue-in-cheek: 1332. It's twice the evil (666 x 2 = 1332). What they may not have intended but have certainly achieved was to found a label that maintained its commitment to raucous local music by releasing (and promoting) albums and booking (and promoting) shows. 1332 Records can put another notch on its accomplishment belt with the release of Radio Action, the third album from local rockers Trigger Itch. Play fast and loud enough, and a band can cover up a multitude of mistakes and sorely lacking skill set. Trigger Itch plays both fast and loud but not to hide anything. The band is talented enough to pull off warp-speed guitar riffs and rhythms without sacrificing musicality, making tunes that are both listenable and head-bangable.

Get a sound sample at (We recommend "Burke," an addictive ode to a local rocker.)

The Radio Action celebration at Knitting Factory will be fast and loud, too, with Nude Oil, The Jerkwadz, Dogs in the Fight and Black Bolt opening. 1332 Records: More than twice the rock for your buck.