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11th-Annual VPS Boise Record Show and Swap

The Basque Center, Saturday, May 4


The annual Boise Record Show and Swap bills itself as "Boise's first, oldest and only all-vinyl record convention"—and considering the traction that Boise's own record headquarters, The Record Exchange, gets each time it throws an event or expands its collection, there's no doubt it will bring in a crowd on Saturday, May 4. The Vinyl Preservation Society will open the doors to the old-school party at The Basque Center at 9 a.m. for VIP ticket holders ($10) and 10 a.m. for everyone else ($5). Along with vinyl sourced from four states, people can check out a raffle and other record-related merch like vintage audio equipment (turntables, anyone?), concert posters and collectibles. Don't forget your records—or your wallet.