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11th Annual Bad Cartoon Contest

Celebrating nearly one dozen years of bad


"There is not much to explain. Chicken stripping. I have always drawn things like this and hadn't had anything to do with them. I am 18. Thank you."

It was that brief, yet intriguing, explanation written on the back of this year's winning Bad Cartoon Contest entry that really put it over the top for the judges. Not that they didn't have other explanations attached to the cornucopia of randomness they were presented with for this, the 11th annual contest--it was just that this one made them laugh out loud.

It isn't too hard to understand why. Amid the piles of bad puns, sex jokes, political commentary and some that even we can't describe (or for that matter, print), Ethan Worthington's sight gag earned the most approval, meaning that Worthington could have fists full of 110 singles the next time he checks out those chicken strippers--were there such a thing, and we're pretty sure it's a good thing there isn't.

As usual, the Bad Cartoon Contest judges where both thrilled and a bit scared to glimpse the inner workings of the minds of artists and would-be artists in the Treasure Valley. There was some spirited debate, a bit of groaning and a whole lot of chuckles during the process of winnowing down the pile of entries to the judges' top choices, but it was worth it. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's contest.

This time around, the judging panel consisted of illustrator (and part-time Boise Weekly graphic designer) Adam Rosenlund, whose own work often graces the pages of this paper, BW graphic designer Jen Grable and cartoonist Brian Sendelbach, author of The Underpants Zoo. It was tough work, but they somehow managed to select the assortment of bad cartoons you will find in these pages.

Like last year, this will be the only time Boise Weekly readers will be able to soak in the glory of the Bad Cartoon Contest--yes, these cartoons will only appear in this issue of BW, so appreciate the weirdness while you can. We at BW will feel a special sense of accomplishment knowing that we've helped Worthington finally find something to do with his cartoons.

Check out the slideshow below to see all the entries in this year's Bad Cartoon Contest.

--Deanna Darr