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100.3 The X's Unholy Night Featuring Mushroomhead

Dec. 16, Knitting Factory


Rivalries are often all hype. They make good press but the artists themselves rarely view the conflict in the same terms as their fans. For years fans have been arguing the merits of Des Moines, Iowa--based Slipknot versus Cleveland's Mushroomhead. Both wear masks and play music heavier than uranium. Slipknot broke first but Mushroomhead started first. Therefore both bands' fans see the other band as a rip-off.

A Google search of Slipknot vs. Mushroomhead returns more than 240,000 hits, and Mushroomhead drummer Steve Felton's quote that Slipknot is "the N'SYNC of heavy metal" has been posted nearly as many times. So there's no doubt it's a good marketing ploy. The question is: After nearly 20 years in existence, does Mushroomhead's live performance still match their ability to talk some serious shit? Check out their show at Knitting Factory and decide for yourself.