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Karl Rove: Worse Than Osama Bin Laden FBI and Congress must act against White House traitors July 13, 2005
Service, Please Congress should mandate phone reps July 18, 2012
Excuses You Might Believe In Democrats are more powerful than ever. How will they justify doing nothing? May 20, 2009
Death From Above U.S. drone planes have a nearly perfect record of failure January 25, 2006
New Year's Revolutions There's plenty of money around. Let's take it. January 07, 2009
A Tale Of Two Children Limited options and endless possibilities March 14, 2007

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    Obama's Orwellian Dystopia
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    Why are we importing foreign workers?
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  • Why to Impeach Obama

    Why is the FBI helping a monstrous dictator?
      The real scandal is President Barack Obama's decision to support one of the world's most evil dictators.

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