On Tour Now with Jeff Crosby & The Refugees


Greetings from Salt Lake City, UT - where they have one of the best public libraries I've ever been in. You should really see my view right now from the 3rd floor.

Been on tour this week with Jeff Crosby & The Refugees - Jeff being the singer-face of Equaleyes - but out to promote a more acoustic/poppy record on the way that straddles the Americana-folk category of music. It's really good stuff, he's got some pretty amazing songs and I'm really happy to be out with these guys, including Will Prescott and Daniel Blumenfield (also of Equaleyes and Lady Tramp) and our new buddy Paul who learned bass lines for over 30 songs to do these dates with both bands. All of these guys are backing me up as well as The Roman Candles. Confusing isn't it.

The bottom line is that we're getting tighter and tighter every show and will be jamming hard in Boise, ID on Friday the 18th at Knitting Factory for the Idaho-Down Throw-Down also with Jupiter Holiday. Should be an awesome show, we're really looking forward to it. Short on cash? Check out this link for a free ticket giveaway!

We played with Plastic Furs last night in Salt Lake City - pretty awesome psych-rock band from Utah, check them out if you like Black Angels, Slowdive...stuff like that. They are loud but it's groovy.

We had a blast last week in Grand Targhee! Sometimes it's really, really awesome to be a musician! Free food, booze, condo, ski passes and rentals and they pay you too. Looking forward to continuing our ski tour journey with a little run into Colorado this weekend for Durango and Telluride.

Coming soon: new alt-countryish record to be recorded with Idaho wranglers including the smooth pedal steel of Shakey Dave Manion of Jeremiah James Gang and New Transit.

Check in anytime you want for more info: www.matthopper.com

Good afternoon to you,