Unicorns, Dogs v Cats and KEXP


this little NW tour has been pretty incredible. great crowds, great food, fun music and some really great time with some fabulous friends that we don't get to see enough. and travelling with World's Greatest Ghosts has been every little bit as magical and mythically epic as one can imagine. love their music. love there persons and am very thankful for them helping us further realize the truth behind the distinct difference between cats and dogs.

Dogs and Cats are different
  • Dogs and Cats are different

bellingham, seattle and pullman/moscow have treated us oh so well so far. thanks to Tea Cozies in Seattle for being rad. listen to them! listen listen listen. and to Tim Blood & the Gut Panthers that played with us last night. epic trampoline work sirs. and thanks to all the kind hosts and hostesses so far. big rad show tonight in Portland to wrap up this stretch of this mini NW Tour this month. playing with new Merge Records band Apex Manor and World's Greatest Ghosts at the beautiful Mississippi Studios in NE Portland. stoked.

also, while in Seattle we visited KEXP and answered some tough questions and ripped some live tunes in their studios. it airs tonight at 8pm PST. tune in on 90.3 FM if you're in Seattle or via their website www.kexp.org if you're from elsewhere. had a blast with it, think you'll enjoy.

thanks to KEXP! and to KZUU in Pullman and KRFP and KUOI in Moscow. and to college and independent radio all over.

will post some more photos and whatnot tomorrow or on Monday, but in the meantime, here are some photos by Alex Crick from the KEXP Session. (note the Radio Boise plug in the group photo. can't wait for Radio Boise! on FM in the Treasure Valley this April!) Finn Riggins Live in-studio @ KEXP