1-8/9-11 Grand Targhee, WY


We hit the State Line around 1230 or so, as I had hoped.... The only thing more beautiful than the Teton Valley in August might be the Teton Valley in early January. I can see why people just say "Eff It." and pack up and move there. Leave all the B#&%Sh!t back there in NYC and Seattle and all of my other favorite cities....

Up the hill we go.. The van is a mighty steed but even still we fishtail once or 2wice. I have it in low gear with a top speed of 20, which makes for slow climbing but safe at least. When seasoned mountain veteran and good friend Gwen sees our van, she chuckles, "You came up in that?" It's like that scene in Star Wars. You haven't seen Star Wars? Oh my god, what are you doing when I get done with this tour? Because we're getting together and watching the whole damn original trilogy. I'll make food. It'll be a lark.

Load-in is, um, epic. Up 2 or 3hree flights of outdoor snow-covered stairs, weaving through umpteen families of ski and snowboarders. All this just to get to the 20 or so stairs that lead to the famous Trap Bar. It's a labour of love, of course, but wow. If you've ever had a chance to lug a 150-lb electric piano around, you know what I'm talking about. And amps and things. Don't let anyone tell you that music isn't a lot like really hard work at times. And work leads to more good things.

Soundcheck is an adventure. An exercise in hurriedness. With our good friends and skilled technicians Jeff and Hunter at the helm, we navigate a labyrinth of cables and tests. That and there are so many of us that when the TP6 is in fully-formed Voltron mode Jeffrey is nearly sitting on my piano and Kelsey is more or less on Dave's lap. We're like a family. You get that way real fast out here. At least I do. There's no point in having strangers or enemies in your foxhole or submarine or locker room or whatever analogy you want to draw.

ShipShape hits it at 4 sharp. The full-house is appreciative, pink-faced and bundled up like the kid in A Christmas Story. They are mostly engrossed in football, as this is America and we are in a bar, but they dig what we are up to. We go on at 5 and 6 for our 2 sets. It's nice to be done for the night at 7 or so. It's almost like having a sort of a real job. Nah scratch that.

Cards into the night. Saturday Night Live with Jim Carrey is actually pretty damn good. The last time I saw it I spent most of 90 minutes cringing. Is the show on the way back? Was it ever down? What do i know from funny? You tell me. I'm usually available to talk.

Up early Sunday. Some of the gang are off to hit the slopes. I grab tea and a bagel and stay at 'home' for the most part. I'm generally not into projecting personal preference onto giant corporate sports teams, but I really don't like the Baltimore Ravens. So that is negative awesome. Other than that it seems that all the good guys won. Except the Saints. As a Northwesterner I mostly root for the Seahawks, but that was just weird. I'm sure this has been noted elsewhere, but the C-HOX would have to win the everloving Super Bowl to finish the year with a winning record.
That's enough of a rant on sports and such trivia.

There's a major distrubance in the force in Arizona.
Thoughts and prayers going out in a big way.
Thoughts and prayers.......